Benefits of Live Cell Therapy

Live Cell Therapy – A Recap

Live Cell Therapy Benefits

Live cell therapy is essentially a form of stem cells treatment using cells which are still alive. In live cell therapy, the live or living stem cells are implanted in the body or targeted parts of the body. Live cell therapy can be administered by transplantation, injection or, more recently, oral ingestion. For more information on the fundamentals of this subject, please read our article on ‘Live Cell Therapy‘. Stem Cell Malaysia will address the effects, functions and benefits of live cell therapy in this article.

Efficacy of Live Cell Therapy

Over the past decades since the infamous Dr Paul Niehans’ practice of cell therapy, many conditions have been benefited from live cell therapy. Based on Dr Victor Chen’s bestselling ‘Secret of the Rich & Famous: Live Cell Therapy’ (2008, Oak Better Health Series), live cell therapy has been effective for general loss of vitality, physical and mental exhaustion, convalescence after illness, premature aging, signs of deterioration of organs such as brain, heart, kidneys, liver and digestive organ, lack of drive and declining mental efficiency, weak immune system, arthritis and other degenerative diseases of the connective tissue, under-performance of the endocrine glands, disturbances due to menopause, Parkinsonism, chronic pain, migraine, headaches, neuralgia, back pain, sciatica, atherosclerosis of the brain, heart and peripheral circulation.

Functions of Live Cell Therapy

The functions of live cell therapy are more than mere revitalization of the body’s youthfulness. Doctors administering cell therapy have long seen cells treatment is very effective in revitalizing youthfulness. Typically, the skin tone and complexion improve, vitality increases, energy level picks up, optimism also increases, and many signs of aging improve too. However, Dr Paul Niehans used live cell therapy far beyond the objectives of beauty and anti-aging.

Using live cell injection, Dr Paul Niehans was able to regenerate damaged and old organs. His live cell therapy was also successful in stimulating the development of organs which were underdeveloped or retarded. It is this achievement that stirred up much objection at that time. During those years Dr Paul had successfully treated dwarfism using live cells treatment.

Explanation of Live Cell Therapy

Though the exact mechanism and working of stem cells or live stem cells on the body and/or damaged organs remain to be elucidated, the benefits of live cell therapy on the body and damaged or aged organs are certain and have been witnessed over and over again for the past decades.

When live cells are implanted into the body, patients will feel immediate effect of recovery or rejuvenation. According to Dr Paul Niehans, the immediate effect is not due to the regeneration of cells. The immediate revitalization is likely due to the stimulation of hormones from the implantation of live cells. Cellular regeneration or growth of new cells will probably take longer and the effect will be experienced only after 3 to 6 months from the time of implantation. Therefore, stem cell therapy or live cell therapy still falls back to the natural healing of the body. In other words, the live cells will regenerate the damaged organs, tissue or glands. Once the relevant parts are repaired and regenerated, the body is ready to heal itself. Certainly, natural healing of the body takes place probably concurrently as the repair and regeneration are taking place.

Benefits of Live Cell Therapy.

We summarize below some of the visible, observable and ‘sensible’ benefits of live cell therapy.

  • Smoother & softer skin
  • Complexion becomes more even & skin texture becomes finer
  • Freckles and/or pigmentation lighten
  • Skin more hydrated, removing wrinkles and lines
  • Scars are reduced & enhanced skin renewal
  • Open pores reduced & regulated sebum production
  • Sagging bust becomes more firmed up
  • Regeneration of cells, tissues & organs
  • Stronger immune system
  • Increased alertness and mental capacity

The above are more of the general characteristics and consequences of live cell therapy. However, when live cell therapy is administered on persons with illness or health problems, it is not surprising to see them getting healed from their health conditions. In other words, live cell therapy provides treatment of diseases and many will experience recovery from illnesses. The youthful appearance and the apparent reversal of aging are more of the outward expression of the youthfulness within the body. This is the power of live cell therapy.

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  1. author

    erik6 years ago

    some stemcells dr claims that life cells therephy will stimulate the cancer cells faster hence its not advisable for cancer patients….hope there r some clarifications.

    • author

      Jonas Lee6 years ago

      I am not entirely sure on this. But my limited understanding tells me it’s highly unlikely. Reason: cancer cells function differently from normal cells. Cancer cells are mutated cells and they have somehow devoid of self-death due to the missing protein p52. One of the ways cancer cells are being killed is to restore their self-death ability by re-activating the p52 mechanism. Without going into the details, this therapy has been applied by using radio and near radio frequency in a machine called Cytotron to treat brain tumor (
      Live cell therapy has been used to treat all kinds of diseases including cancers.
      Having said that I do observe not all cases of cancers are successful with stem cells. Many factors can kick in when a person is fighting cancer. I tend to lean towards the idea that to fight cancer, one needs and must resort to fight the cancer and support the body from the most effective aspect. Problem with chemotherapy is most end-stage cancer patients are too old or too weak to rebound even though the chemo might have killed most of the cancer cells. At that point, the body is too wrecked to function properly.
      Anyway, this is a topic that might take up another website.
      I really appreciate people are asking questions.
      I am by no means an expert. I am learning everyday about new things related to health.
      Beta Glucan is another interesting substance for cancer patients. However, the beta glucan has to be from mushroom or yeast because beta glucan from these two sources will boost the immune system not beta glucan from oat.
      I can go on and on. Leave it at that


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