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Live Cell Therapy is a form of stem cell therapy. Literally, live cell therapy means transplantation of live cell into the body for disease treatment, repair of damaged organs, tissues and cells, beauty and health rejuvenation. It is under the umbrella of regenerative medicine. Live cell therapy can also refer to transplantation of stem cells. However, modern day live cell therapy more commonly uses young cells instead of matured cells. Stem Cell Malaysia shares with you in this article the nuts and bolts of this interesting and important topic.

Cell Therapy – The Foundation of Live Cell Therapy

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Since the whole idea of treatment using live cell has its root in cell-therapy, let’s have a brief overview of the relevant history. Dr Charles-Edward Brown-Séquard (1817–1894), a Mauritian physiologist and neurologist, injected live animal testicle extracts for anti-aging and sexual prowess in early 1800s though the incidence stirred up much controversies. Dr Charles Edward is no doubt one of the fore fathers of cell therapy. In 1912 Dr Alexis Carrel (1873-1944), a French physiologist and biologist and also a Nobel laureate, demonstrated for the first time in history the revitalizing effect of young cells on a culture of old and degenerated ones.

But the modern day pioneer of live cell treatment is none other than Dr Paul Niehans (1882-1971). In 1931, Dr Niehans discovered cell therapies by chance. The incidence is mentioned in an information document provided by Clinic Paul Niehans, founded by Dr Niehans’ daughter in Switzerland. Eversince the ‘accidental’ discovery, Dr Niehans abandoned surgical implantation and used only implants through injection. From then on, treatment using live materials through injection has become more and more popular and common.

How Does It Work?

There are different theories on why live cell works though the exact mechanism has yet to be found. Furthermore, treatment through injection or oral live materials is more superior than surgical implantation. Some of the advantages are:

  • Quick dispersion of cellular materials throughout the body
  • No lack of blood supply or loss of blood as in surgical transplants or implants
  • Rapid integration into metabolism of the body as they are in suspension
  • Can be used for organs which are impossible or difficult for transplantation
  • The body can select or reject the cellular content naturally

Why It Works

Live cell therapy has been practiced for many decades and someone somewhere in this world is receiving such treatment each day. Though the exact mechanism of how it works in the body has yet to be determined, it has been shown to be working over and over again. The human body usually accepts, with little rejection if any, live cellular unit injected or ingested orally during a live treatment session. One possible explanation is because of the embryonic materials used in the treatment have yet to have any matured immunological composition. It is thought that because of this, the live substance can get pass an adult body’s immune system.

Another observation of why live treatment works is even more marvelous. When the live materials are injected or ingested into the body, they do not get dispersed haphazardly. Instead they will somehow end up at their corresponding organs. In other words, liver cells will end up going to the liver organ. Kidney ones going to the kidney, and so on. Using radioisotopes to tag the live materials has proven that injected or ingested cellular substances do end up at the specific corresponding organ.

Its Power

The next logical question we need to answer is once the new materials end up at the specific organ or tissue, what can they do? Or, what will they do? This is the crucial part for any live cells treatment.

Cell biologists today know that a cell from a specific tissue or organ has the information necessary to regenerate or rebuild the entire organ, tissue or gland. This is the fundamentals of genetic engineering and have great implications for live cellular therapy. Experiments have shown that when they extracted kidney, liver and skin cells from chick embryos, processed them as would be for cellular therapy, and injected them into an egg membrane, the cellular materials were able to develop into the corresponding organs.

There are 3 powerful observations and realizations from the above and similar research:

  • Embryonic cells or tissues can have the most stimulating effect on growth. That means, young cellular mass or tissues contain more life power than matured ones.
  • Growth stimulation is organ and tissue specific and not species specific. That’s why live cell treatment can make use of live stem cells from animals, notably sheep and deer which have the best bio-compatibility with the human body. (Refer to our article on Sources of Stem Cells)
  • Unwanted cells are rejected without causing harm to the body.

Theories On The Revitalizing or Rejuvenation Power of Live Cell Therapy

First of all, cell biologists have uncovered that a stem cell contains all the genetic information or message in the DNA and RNA required to form an organ, tissue or gland. One theory states that the information or message in an old cell is defective or damaged. In this case, the reproduction from old ones will not produce new material which functions to the fullest potential. When young stem cells are next to the old ones, the correct genetic information or message will be passed or communicated to the old materials. Another theory states that as cellular mass age, they lose their ability to function to their potential. So, when stem cells are present, they can stimulate secretions which re-activate the aged or old ones to recover and function properly again.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about live and stem cell therapy. Do return soon as Stem Cell Malaysia has more upcoming in depth information on live cell therapy and its applications.

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