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Stem Cell Malaysia website, as, is all about stem cell and stem cell therapy. In addition, stem cells research and stem cell news can also be found here. While there is an inordinate amount of information on stem cell and its development available on the internet and printed media, most of the information are beyond the understanding of layman and people without the technical background and knowledge. The purpose of Stem Cell Malaysia is to present the most relevant information so that most people without the prerequisite knowledge can still benefit from the latest applications of stem cell research findings to our well-being. To put it in simple terms, Stem Cell Malaysia is about how we can reap the benefits of stem cell research as exemplified in our slogan is Live Cell Therapy for Health, Vitality and Anti-Aging.

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The study of stem cells is a budding and rapidly developing science with many applications, particularly in medical science. Stem cell, as we know it, is a precursor cell that can ‘grow’ into specialized cell such as blood cell, neural cell, etc. In other words, stem cell is not developed into any specialized functions as in liver cells, etc. In addition, it also means it has the potential to be developed into specialized cells for organs and tissues.  The classification of stem cells is based on the functions or specialized cells which they have the potential to develop into.

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Stem cells research has taken on wide-ranging promising challenges in the application of stem cell to our health and therapy.

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Stem cell therapy is not a new treatment regime that appears only in recent years or decades. Its origin can be found as far back as the Greek. For layman and ordinary folks like most of us, the promise of new benefits and cure for ‘incurable’ diseases remains to be most relevant and exciting. What most of us want to know is can stem cell therapy treat diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, etc. Stem Cell Malaysia will explore this vast area in length and separately. At the end of the day, this is the most applicable and practical for our lives. While scientists are eager to find out many basic facts and tenets regarding stem cell, we are most concerned with the applications of stem cells to our health and disease treatment.

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Stem Cell Malaysia will also cover the latest stem cell news in this website so that you are kept abreast of the latest stem cell research results and breakthroughs.

The excitement of stem cell boils down to its potential and possibility in bringing a new health and medical revolution to mankind. While there exists ethical issues to be resolved, the hope that stem cell can bring new horizon to health science is a promising one. Though much research is going on and more research is warranted, many people have already experienced breakthrough in regaining their health, either through mainstream medical or ‘unproven’ practices.

While there are also many issues surrounding licensing and classification of stem cell in any nation, many businesses and organizations crop up offering health promises with stem cell therapy. At the present, the price range of stem cell therapy is seen to be ridiculously wide, anything from 4 figures to six figures upwards. This is an area which will fluctuate rampantly in the near future. An interesting  observation is the willingness of people to pay extravagant price, as long as it works. That reflects how desperate for those who have exhausted all means of treatment. Though many licensed products are marketed as ‘food’ without ‘clinical’ trials, many have shown amazing results with illnesses ‘cured’ and health rejuvenation. The truth is people do not really care about clinical trial when it comes to saving their loved ones. Indeed, many have saved their loved ones through stem cell therapy despite the proof of clinical trials. Stem Cell Malaysia will discuss this in more details in upcoming articles.

We hope you will visit Stem Cell Malaysia regularly to find out how one can benefit from stem cell and stem cell therapy.

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