Stem Cell News in Malaysia 2012

Stem Cell News in Malaysia

Stem cell news are increasing in frequency and quantity in the media in recent years. The drastic increase in stem cell news is due to the huge amount of activities in virtually all areas related to stem cells. You will find stem cell news from government bodies announcing the latest policy and landmarks. There are even more stem cell news on the latest achievements in stem cell research. The commercial market is also not denying their share of the publicity in stem cell news. Stem Cell Malaysia will summarize some of the major stem cell news in Malaysia in the year 2012.

Stem Cell News 1 – 1st National Stem Cell Congress 2012

Stem Cell News

Photo Source – The Malaysian Insider

The most significant news and event in Malaysia is none other than the 1st National Stem Cell Congress 2012. This landmark event was jointly organized by the UKM Medical Molecular Biology Institute (UMBI), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The auspicious occasion kicked off with an opening speech by the Malaysia Minister of Health, Y. B. DATO SRI LIOW TIONG LAI.This historical event marked the vision of the Malaysian Government to propel Malaysia to be in the forefront of regenerative medicine.

In his opening speech, YB Dato Sri Liow categorically emphasized “the need to provide the necessary scientific evidence before a cell product is introduced to our patients.” This is an important statement by the Minister as it states the position of the Ministry’s concern for people’s safety and welfare.

Stem Cell News 2 – Stem Cells Law Not Needed Yet in Malaysia

This stem cell news is taken from The Malaysian Insider (Click here for original news).
During an interview session at the 1st National Stem Cell Congress with the reporters, YB Dato Sri Liow stated that Malaysia has not had the need to have a law or act on stem cells. Currently, there are four guidelines for stem cell research. The Minister told the reporters that these guidelines should be sufficient to form the framework for the researchers to do their work.

Stem Cell News 3 – Malaysian Doctors Use Stem Cells to Regenerate Cartilage

Stem Cell News - Cartilage Regeneration

Cartilage Regeneration Using Stem Cells – Taken from The Star Online

This stem cells news is taken from The Star Online (Click here for the original stem cell news)
Among orthopedics throughout the world, there are two schools of specialist torn between their opinion on whether stem cells are feasible for cartilage regeneration. However, a group of Malaysian doctors had propelled themselves beyond the arguments and successfully used stem cells to regenerate worn out cartilage. It is true that medical textbook still teaches that cartilage cannot be healed and regrown. But these Malaysian doctors proved otherwise.

This team of Malaysian doctors is led by two doctors, namely Dr Ranjit Singh and Dr Saw Khay Yong. Dr Saw is an orthopedic surgeon and founder of Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre (KLSMC). Their achievement on cartilage regeneration dated back to 2005 when Dr Saw successfully regenerated cartilage in the knee joints of goats. Their technique involved drilling a hole in the underlying bone of the injured joint, and injecting the patient’s own blood stem cells into the hole. When their results and success were published in international scientific journals, doctors from the US and UK came all the way to Kuala Lumpur and learn the latest technique.

The courage and success certainly earned them international fame. Since then they have been treating sports injuries on weightlifters, international patients and national athletes.

Stem Cell News 4 – Datuk Lee Chong Wei Underwent Stem Cell Therapy

This stem cells news is taken from The Star Online (Click here for the original stem cell news)
Locally, the most famous patient of Dr Ranjit and Dr Saw was Datuk Lee Chong Wei. In May 2012, The world number one badminton player injured his right ankle. Many fans and Malaysians thought there was no way for Datuk Lee to recover and compete in the 2012 London Olympics. However, Datuk Lee went to KLSMC for treatment. Datuk Lee had stem cell injections into his torn ligament and he recovered quickly. A few months later Datuk Lee was able to play in the London Olympics. This incidence further escalated the KLSMC Team to new fame as they saved the Malaysian hero’s ankle.

This is a snapshot of some of the news on stem cells in the Malaysian scene. As we usher in 2013, Stem Cell Malaysia will bring you more updates on stem cell news in due course.

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