The Worst Stem Cell News in 2012

Stem Cell News – Users BEWARE !

Stem Cell News

The media are showing more stem cell news in recent years. We can find many exciting stem cell news on stem cell research. We also read about some tragic stories on stem cell news. This is in my opinion one of the worst stem cell news I have come across in 2012. This is an incidence we hope it will not happen again. We highlight this stem cell news not for the purpose of making fun of anybody. Stem Cell Malaysia discuss about this incident so that no one will repeat the same mistake or walk the same path again.

The Most Horrifying Stem Cell News in 2012

It is this kind of stem cell news that ruin the reputation of the industry. Such stem cell news also serve as a warning and caution for users to take necessary precaution and do the needful before taking on a stem cell therapy or live cell therapy. Here goes the story.

Spend USD20,000 For A Messy Cosmetic Facelift – Unbelievable Stem Cell News

A woman in her 60s from the Los Angeles area decided to undergo a new form of stem cell cosmetics and spent USD20,000 for the procedure at a clinic in Beverly Hills. This particular type of stem cell cosmetics takes a patient’s adult stem cells and then inject them back to the targeted part of the patient’s body for the intended purpose.

For this incident, the cosmetic surgeon from the Beverly Hills clinic took out some of this woman’s abdominal fat using liposuction. The surgeon then extracted adult stem cells from the abdominal fats. Adult stem cells are essentially undifferentiated cells which can develop into different cells and tissues. From these adult stem cells, the doctor further extracted only the mesenchymal stem cells.

The mesenchymal stem cells, also known as Multipotent Stromal Cells, are stem cells which can develop into various types of cells including osteoblasts, chondrocytes, adipocytes, tenocytes, myotubes, neural cells, and hematopoietic-supporting stroma. (Ref. Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Royal Society of Medicine Journals, click here for source published article). Basically, what that means is mesenchymal stem cells can develop into bone, cartilage, fat, nerve cells, etc. Mesenchymal stem cells are popularly used by scientists for stem cell research because they are easily extracted and cultured. Furthermore, they have a high potential to be induced and cultured outside the body in the lab, which makes them very attractive for purposes of stem cell therapy.

What happened next was the cosmetic surgeon then injected the mesenchymal stem cells back into the woman’s face, including the vicinity of her eye area. The whole objective o this cosmetic procedure was supposed to rejuvenate the woman’s facial skin through the mesenchymal stem cells which can grow new facial tissue and also heal the aged cells on her face. Up to this point, everything is sound and perfect.

Three months later, the woman went to see another cosmetic surgeon (presumably from another clinic) and complained significant pain when opening her eyes. Worse, she heard cracking sound each time she opened her eyes. Upon examination by the cosmetic surgeon, they observed her eye drooping involuntarily and swelling around the eye region. She went through 6 hours of surgery by this cosmetic surgeon and his team. They dug out chunks and pieces of bones from the eyelids and tissues around the eyes.

The Culprit – The Main Message of This Stem Cell News

What actually went wrong was during the procedure they also injected calcium hydroxylapatite, which is a dermal filler commonly used for more than 2 decades by plastic surgeon to reduce wrinkles. However, this chemical or rather mineral is also capable of inducing mesenchymal stem cells to turn into bone! This blunder was due to oversight or unqualified doctors at that cosmetic clinic is up to the court to decide.

This stem cell news may sound like an isolated incident, and it probably is. But, we hope this makes users to be more cautious if they do want to go for stem cell therapy or stem cell cosmetics. The original incident of this stem cell news is taken from Scientific American entitled “In the Flesh: The Embedded Dangers of Untested Stem Cell Cosmetics” (click here for the original article). Do visit our site for more stem cell news.


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